Monday, October 27, 2008

Kicking Back for the Weekend

Soccer-themed ribbon, a grassy paper fringe and a soccer ball sticker adhered with a pop dot add a kick to these invitations.

Come to Wetumpka to Get Your Kicks

Score Some Goals and Have Some Fun

Then Come to Our House for Post-Soccer Play

Just Head on Over When Your Game Is Done!

When I invited families from church who play AYSO soccer to join us after their games Saturday, I envisioned our weekend looking something like this:

But instead, Saturday looked more like this:

The past week has definitely reminded me that life doesn't always go according to my plans.

With sick children, rainy weather and unexpected delays at every turn, we just couldn't pull things together for a party this weekend. Although I was disappointed to miss out on time with friends, letting go of my plans actually provided great relief. Stress was building throughout the week as unforeseen problems pushed housework, grocery shopping and cooking further and further into the week. I felt a sense of panic as the chores piled up, wondering how I could possibly get everything done in time.

Deciding to cancel the brunch was difficult, but in the end surrendering my expectations lifted a weight from my shoulders. Proverbs 16:9 says, "In your heart you plan your life, but the Lord decides where your steps will take you."

I am reminded that sometimes letting go of the best-laid plans opens my schedule to unexpected blessings. So this weekend instead of brushing off a sick child to accomplish chores, I savored the opportunity to hold my baby. Instead of rushing around trying to rid my house of cluttered toys and dirty hand prints, I paused to appreciate the little ones who fill my home with life. And instead of spending the morning on my feet entertaining a crowd, I enjoyed one-on-one time with each child and even took a bubble bath.

So, yes, this weekend was definitely not what I had planned. I had hoped to kick it up a notch Saturday celebrating with friends, but instead spent a quiet morning kicking back with my family. And in the end I found that in surrendering my own expectations, I got exactly what I needed.

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Home School Dawn said...

What a great mom you are! You work so hard to make life beautiful for your family. You have also shown that you understand the most beautiful thing you can do for them is meet their needs, even when those needs interfere with really good plans.

Becky Welch said...

Isn't it good that our Father knows exactly what we need and provides for us in that time! I have been faced with this as well. What a blessing to have Him take care of us!

Laura said...

What a great post, Melissa! You make surrenduring sound so easy. Unfortunately for me, it never is. But thanks for the reminder!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I sure hope & pray your little one is feeling better! Celebrations could be re-scheduled...but family comes first! Thanks for sharing with us, a very good reminder! :)


The Quintessential Magpie (Sheila) said...

Melissa, once again you hit the nail squarely on the head. This post was exactly what I needed to hear today. I had piled up the next two weeks with all sorts of things, and my husband hit a snag of sorts yesterday. I got on the phone and rearranged my schedule, and I immediately felt peace about it. God does make our paths straight. He truly does when we let Him.

Sometimes I think I'm guilty of cluttering my life with things that aren't always the most meaningful -- planned busyness if you will. Of course I tell myself how important it is. ;-) But this post makes me even more determined to question the things I volunteer for and which I put on my calendar when asked.

While I know that your party would have been fun and while I believe time spent with friends is important, I also think you have your priorities in the right place. You're a wonderful inspiration to me, and I'm probably old enough to be your mother! ;-) Thanks for sharing this with us.


Live.Love.Eat said...

I LOVE that proverb!!! And as always, you make everything sound SO good!!!! Sorry you had a sich baby but it seems your weekend worked out nicely. Good for you for such a great attitude.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...


You made the right decision. I know you know that.

Now, I have to ask, is the photo of the sick child from Google Images or did you really somehow manage to stage the shot with your own hand and your poor ailing, but obviously still photo-willing baby in the background? Or convince someone in the family to snap it in such dire circumstances? I'm assuming it's not yours. But if it is - WOW --- that's one (or two!) loyal photojournaling family member(s).

Hope health speedily returns!

Carly Winborne said...

I feel the same way sometimes, the difficulty in surrendering your plans and expectations. Thank you for this post and the reminder that it's okay. It's all okay.

And I bet your sick baby started feeling better sooner because of your special one-on-one time. There's nothing like having mommy around when you need it the most, right?

Happy Monday to you.

emily said...

I wandered over here from the quote on 6 by His Design. What a lovely blog you have. Your words are heavy with wisdom. Thank you for sharing them.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Hey M~

Trying to get my hands on your gorgeous covergirl mug --- but TCL has a subscription to Today's Christian Woman - is it the same magazine as Christian Woman? (I'm sorry I'm so uninformed about this...) I can't make head nor tail of anything I Google. She's looking through her piles, but I thought I'd save her the looking if she doesn't receive the correct magazine...


Heidi said...

The "Intention" looked & sounded good to me if that means anything. I loved the invitation. We had end of the year with soccer as well. I am so relieved because I can now sleep in and cuddle up with my babies on Saturday mornings again and enjoy late breakfasts:)
Hope your baby is better.

Kristi said...

I've been behind on blogging - I hope you are all feeling better by now! I love the playhouse, too. Just beautiful!

Me said...

and that's exactly what should have happened :)

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