Monday, September 28, 2009

Tea for Two ...

Or 200! Daughter Emma and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend visit to the Forrest Park Church of Christ in Valdosta, Ga. We received a gracious welcome from these hospitable southern ladies, who prepared afternoon tea for several hundred ladies day participants. Different ladies of the congregation decorated tables for the event, so all were unique. And each one was beautiful!

The ladies placed a little wrapped gift at each place setting in keeping with the table's theme. Emma was so excited over the apple-scented candle she received, she wanted us to hurry home so we could "put some fire in it."

Each table reflected the personal style and interests of the lady who decorated it. With its natural elements and soothing color palette, this tablescape shows a love of the outdoors.

This tablescape made a big impact with vivid colors.

Silver teapots, fine china and an eye for detail create an elegant setting for afternoon tea.

While a wire teapot and black and white tableware give this setting a refined, graphic appeal.

Several ladies filled their tables with items collected during their travels around the world. This soothing table had a definite Asian flair.

While the rainbow colors in this tablescape reflect a love of Panama.

Little touches everywhere we looked said "welcome" and "we're so glad you're here" to all of us who joined the sweet ladies of Forrest Park at the tea table. Although there were several hundred of us in attendance, each of us left feeling like we were the honored guest.

Thank you, Forrest Park, for inviting us to tea!

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