Monday, September 14, 2009

To the Letter

A vinyl monogram dresses up this apothecary jar, a recent birthday gift for my brother. Borrowing a friend's Cricut allowed me to experiment with this fun crafting trend. To create vinyl decals with a Cricut, set each setting on 3 and proceed with cutting the design. To apply a single letter or smaller motif, simply peel the vinyl decal and place it on the surface, smoothing away any bubbles. Gingerly reposition the design if needed, and wash the surface carefully as needed with a non-abrasive cleaner. Remove vinyl decals with the heat of a hair dryer.


The Martys said...

Hi Melissa-

I follow your blog daily but never have commented. I love all your wonderful ideas for parties and decorating. I have a question with the vinyl letter you did on todays post. What did you use for the letter? Was it the vinyl that you can buy for the cricut? I own the Cricut but have never done the vinyl. What a cute and inexpensive way to create a fun gift. Thanks again for all your ideas. P.S. I have an Emma too.


Jan's Blog said...

Hi Melissa, this is a terrific idea and adds a personal touch that is always appreciated.
I wonder if I could ask you a question. In your May 5 post, a pillowcase giveaway, there is a child size tea set that is adorable. Could you tell me where you bought that. Darien and I would love to have teas where my things aren't too big for her, and her things aren't too tiny for actual use. Thanks so much.
As my health deteriorates I want you to know that when I make it to the computer I always look up a few favorite blogs and you are one of the special ones.

Melissa Lester said...

Thank you, Amy and Jan, for the sweet comments.

Amy, I have read that some people have had good results using contact paper or scraps of vinyl from sign companies, but I have used Cricut vinyl for all my recent projects. You can find a lot of colors online, and I noticed recently that my local Wal-Mart carries several colors now. Vinyl monogramming is such a quick way to personalize items; I love it!

And, Jan, that tea set pictured in the pillowcase dress giveaway is by Mud Pie. I found it when Mary Ashley was a baby and gave it to her for her first birthday. It is so special to us! We have used it a lot, and I took pictures of her playing with it when she turned 5. It is special to look back through photos of years past, realizing how many special memories we have made with it. I'm not sure if you can find our particular tea set -- a princess toile set -- but Mud Pie makes several cute designs. I will say a special prayer today that you and your sweet Darien with share many cups of tea in the future!

julie said...

hey melissa! love it! i love the cricut! its very handy! your brother will love it! what a sweet sister!

Ginny said...

Thanks for the tip about the setting. I have a Cricut and the Vinyl but, have yet to try it...I think I might now..LOVE your site...

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