Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ballerina Party Fun

We were so blessed to have our beloved ballet teacher Miss Gigi with us for Emma's party Saturday. We began the festivities by reading a story I wrote called Emma the Ballerina. After hearing Emma's journey to becoming a real ballerina, I told the girls that on this special day they would get to be ballerinas too. Each girl chose a tutu before slipping into our dining room -- emptied of all furniture for the party to become a ballet studio!

Miss Gigi led the girls in a ballet class, bringing smiles and giggles from new and experienced ballerinas alike.

Mommies gathered outside the dining room to watch all the fun.

Emma shares a special moment with sweet friend Mollie.

Being the birthday girl must be exhausting!

Near the end of the class, Gigi gave Emma a special job. Wand in hand, the Birthday Girl walked from person to person. When she reached each friend, the ballerina twirled, gave a curtsy and sat down.

Then the Birthday Girl gave a turn and curtsied for the class.

Then Emma stood in the center of the class as the other ballerinas circled around her.

It was impossible not to smile as giggles filled the room when Emma's friends reached for her.

After the party, I asked our more experienced ballerina, Mary Ashley, if this move was called an arabesque. "No, Mommy," she corrected. "It's an Era Beth."

Here are the girls from Emma's ballet, preschool and Bible classes -- prima ballerinas for a day!

Scroll down for directions on making a no-sew tutu. Stop by tomorrow, and we will be ready for a ballerina tea party!

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