Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a busy Easter weekend. Our family attended the Lads to Leaders annual convention in Atlanta with our church for the first time. It was heartwarming to see so many children reading scriptures and cultivating their talents to serve the Lord.

The children are so tired from our travels, they were not too pleased to pose for photos today. But I insisted, so they complied ... sort of. I snapped this one before heading out to church tonight. On our way I thanked the children for cooperating and told them I just needed to get an Easter picture of them. From the backseat, 8-year-old Carson piped up: "Needed? You mean wanted. It's not like you needed to have pictures of us to live." Oh, my sweet, sweet boy. He definitely has a lot to learn about what keeps us mommies going.

I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend -- and captured all the memories with lots of great photos!


Becky W said...

I can relate to this as well. Carter was NOT in the picture taking mood on Easter as well. He finally gave in though!!

Unknown said...

Ford is the same way. I tried to explain to him about HIS hobbies and how they relate mine. I think that helped him understand...a little. :-) I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Leah said...

Just must've been in the air yesterday! My kiddos were also NOT cooperative!

Your kids still look so cute!

Melanie said...

I was able to get a few pictures of Annabelle and Chloe before the hair bows, shoes and tights came off, but in all of them they have winter jackets on!

You would never know that your children were not cooperating by looking at those beautiful faces. So adorable!

Thank you for your comment on my recent post. I had not intended on sharing when I wrote it. It was more a need to get it "off my chest." I even had it posted for a moment and then took it off. My mom read it in the time before I had removed it. She then wanted my dad to read it and it was gone. She called me and I was so touched by what she said that I decided to share it. After reading your comments, I am glad I did.

You are welcome to add my blog to your list. I would love to add you to mine as well. You are a kindred spirit:)

God Bless!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

I think the picture is cute - I like the ones where true feelings and personalities come through. Much better than the perfect Kodak moment. ;) (It was under 40 degrees here and my picture was snapped amidst threats of "smile, or you don't get your coat!" LOL) glad you had a good, if busy, Easer.

Dawn said...

Yes, you captured the moment. That's what pictures are for, anyway! Don't forget to take pictures of the whole family sometimes, too. Your kids will cherish the pictures with mom and dad in them.

Kristi said...

Carson looks totally thrilled. That is priceless!

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