Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tea to Go

A friend from church, Mrs. Dot, has been through so much in the past few months. In November, she had knee surgery. Just as she was beginning to get back on her feet, she re-injured the knee during physical therapy. So she had surgery again, then went to a rehab hospital before returning home. Weeks passed as she recovered slowly, still unable to walk or get out. Then a few weeks ago we learned that she fell out of her wheelchair and broke her leg. This meant another surgery, more time in the hospital, and even more recovery time.

My heart just broke for Mrs. Dot when I heard about this latest setback. I considered how discouraged I would be in her position and wondered what we could do to cheer her up. We all wished we could box up the hopefulness and beauty of the new season. So we decided that if Mrs. Dot could not get out to celebrate Spring, we would take Spring to her. The children decorated cards for her this morning, and we filled a pretty floral suitcase with some of our favorite afternoon tea treats. Flowers, a birds nest and fresh greenery added the finishing touches.

Mrs. Dot was so surprised to get an afternoon visit today. Emma and Mary Ashley twirled into the room, all smiles and giggles; and Carson and Christian followed to deliver our cheery gift. I hope the children -- so full of life and energy -- brought some sunshine into her world today. And as she explores our basket of teatime treats, I hope Mrs. Dot will be reminded that brighter days are on the way.

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