Monday, March 31, 2008

To Texas and Back

Our family is celebrating Joe's return home after nearly a week in Austin, Texas, to coach the law school's NTC teams in the National Trial Competition. Both teams swept the regional competition in February to move on to Nationals. Joe was so proud of his students' performance in Austin and said they really represented Faulkner well. One team finished in the top 20, and the other in the top four. The trial program has really grown in the past few years, which only enhances the law school's reputation. Joe is confident that his trial students will continue to do great things, so I'm sure he can make some good recommendations if you ever need a good trial lawyer!

The children and I had a busy week in Joe's absence with school, ballet, soccer practice and games, church, parties, school projects, and a stomach virus thrown in for good measure. Thankfully my mother-in-law spent a few days with us. Betty always comes ready to tackle laundry and ironing, and she is always eager to take the children to school in the morning. (That is such a gift!) The week was so much easier with Nana here. Emma stayed rested, and we all enjoyed visiting. I really appreciated the adult conversation during the day.

After a girls lunch out Thursday while the boys were in school, we visited Southern Homes & Gardens. Betty treated us to some new plants for spring, all in the loveliest shades of pink. The girls enjoyed looking at the flowers, fountains and statuary so much, you would have thought we paid admission to visit! They were all smiles and giggles as they explored the paths of our "secret garden." Before we left, Betty and the girls looked at patio furniture in the back of the store while I eyed all the pretty gift ware up front. From across the store I heard Mary Ashley calling, "Oh, Darling! Emma, come here, my darling! I'm over here, my darling!" A sweet end to a much-needed day out!

Preliminary rounds of the trial competition took place at the Texas State Capitol.

Austin night life as viewed from Joe's hotel room.

We'll enjoy pink hibiscus blooms all summer long, thanks to our trip to Southern Homes & Gardens.

And these dainty pink flowers will greet us each day in planters outside our kitchen doors.

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