Monday, March 17, 2008

The Painted Egg

One of my favorite springtime traditions is taking the children to a nearby pottery studio to paint Easter eggs. Since we began this tradition several years ago, our collection has really grown! I display the eggs year-round in a pretty bowl. It is fun to look through the eggs to see how the children's tastes and techniques have evolved from year to year. This trip was special because it was the first year that all four children were old enough to paint. Last year 1-year-old Emma added her hand print to a monogrammed egg, but this year at 2 she felt so grownup joining her older brothers and sister at the big kids table. It was a delightful afternoon creating Easter eggs -- and memories of family fun.

Carson, our most serious artist, put the most time into his egg.

Christian chose a palette of tropical colors, a good match for his sunny disposition.

Mary Ashley's colors were soft and sweet, just like her.

Daddy showed Emma how to paint. She loved dipping her brush into the paint!

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