Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rites of Spring

After worship this morning we enjoyed our annual church Easter egg hunt and picnic. It was a lot of fun and a sure sign that spring is on the way! All four children found their own joy at the event. Carson loved running and playing ball with the bigger boys, while Christian was our most serious hunter. He was going for the golden egg this year, but feels pretty good about coming in third. (I'm hoping that picking up toys and finding lost tennis shoes will be good training for next year!) Mary Ashley filled her basket, but she was more concerned with quality than quantity, picking up mostly pink and purple eggs. The highlight of her day was sitting by her boyfriend, Austin, at lunch. And Emma, of course, enjoyed the abundance of sweets. She sampled as many cookies and brownies from the dessert table as she could reach. Then she was so delighted to discover that all the Easter eggs were filled with candy!

Allison captured these beautiful images of the girls. You can see more of her great photography here. Thank you, Allison, for giving me the "blogging rights" to these sweet photos!

Thanks to Lara and Jason for planning the Easter egg hunt. Our morning began feeling cold and wintry, but the warmth of our gathering must have affected our weather. Now birds are chirping outside, and we are experiencing a lovely, springlike day. Easter is on its way!

Photos by Allison Hilyer

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The Nester said...

WOW Woman!

Your blog is a lot of loveliness! Can I just hang out here all day?

So feminine! Yet not fro fro! Does that make sense? I have 3 boys and if I had another baby I would take a boy again in a heartbeat but oh, those dresses on your girls! Adorable! And the hair! I couldn't do a little girl's hair if my very life depended on it!

Southerner said...

I smock and my youngest daughter will not wear it anymore so I really miss these beautiful dresses! I just had a neice and nephew born in July so need to get out the old pleater and get busy.

Leah said...

These pictures are great! Your girls are just so cute! (guys too!)

Tangee said...

Your girls are just absolutely ADORABLE, all 4 of your kiddos are...I too am a Mom of 2 girls and 2 boys! My girls are the older and my boys are the younger. You already got to do an easter egg hunt? I'm jealous!

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