Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fancy Faces

My 4-month-old niece Kadence proves that you're never too young to be fancy!

I wonder what a fancy girl wishes for on her birthday? Here the little girls from Mary Ashley's preschool class gather for cake.

Some of the fancy faces my dad, Bob Prichard, captured with his camera. I love the corner photo where Mary Ashley is opening her presents from Meme and D-Dad. What must Emma be thinking?

Favorite party images from by brother, Nathan Prichard.

Finding accessories for the girls at our Fancy Nancy party was easy. I collected boas, wings, candy necklaces and lip gloss rings to send home with the girls, but I drew a blank thinking of equivalent favors for my two boys and didn't want them to feel left out. So one night I explained the party to Carson, 9, and Christian, 7, and asked them what boys could wear to be fancy. "Well, I wouldn't mind getting a blue scarf," Christian began thoughtfully. OK, I thought, I'll ask Joe if boys wear scarves. Then Christian continued, "And, well, I wouldn't mind wearing Mary Ashley's blue Cinderella dress for the party."

This response caught me so off-guard I had to leave the room to keep him from seeing the tears streaming down my face because I was laughing so hard. In the distance I heard Carson's voice calling, "Christian! Boys wouldn't have to wear a dress. We could wear a suit!" I ran into our bedroom and could hardly tell Joe the story between giggles. Joe didn't think it was that funny.

On the morning of the party, Christian woke me early to ask if I had seen his tuxedo. I'm not even sure what he was referring to, but both the boys ultimately decided that blue jeans and monogrammed shirts would be perfect party attire. I chose sunglasses, glow sticks and candy for the boys' treat bags, and all the brothers seemed pleased to be remembered at the party. So our party proved that anyone can find joy in being fancy!

Stop in tomorrow for an easy and refreshing party treat!


Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog during Cindy's year in review. You have a new follower! I just love what you did for your daughter's party. It's gorgeous. And so are your children!

pink green & southern said...

What a lovely party! Of course I would expect nothing less than spectacular from spectacular you!

The Southern Housewife said...

Oh my! I was so caught off guard by what Christian said, too!!! I'm still giggling over here! That sweet little boy! hee hee!!!

Sandy Toes said...

What a fun day..she will remember this forever..I love the purple boa!
-sandy toe

The Quintessential Magpie said...

The pictures are adorable, Melissa! And what a good brother that he was thinking what he could wear to the party to make his sister happy! LOL!

I loved going to Mary Ashley's party. There is nothing sweeter than a little girl's birthday, and you made this one so memorable... as you do with even the ordinary days of your children's lives. They are such a blessing, and I am enjoying our little Godchild so much. She is so funny, and of course even her sometimes precocious behavior which sends her parents into alarm mode, I find humorous. My Thursday post is dedicated to her.


Sheila :-)

Cristin said...

Love all the details and fun photos...Thanks for sharing it all...

{I have a 4 year old who also had a Fancy Nancy party...and truth be told, I think it was the most fun I've ever had planning a party...all the frill, and girl fun!}

Your blog is delightful!

Robin Taylor Holley said...

Oh my, how adorable!!!! I may use this idea for Taylor's b'day! My girls absolutely love to play dress up. Taylor is feeling better..thanks for asking!!!

Robin Taylor Holley said...

Oh my, how adorable!!!! I may use this idea for Taylor's b'day! My girls absolutely love to play dress up. Taylor is feeling better..thanks for asking!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I would be cracking up with you. Sometimes kids are so funny. I just love it.

Those photos are great. You did another wonderful party! I just adore how you go all out and make your children feel so special and loved. You are such a good mommy!


Anonymous said...

You could begin a business as a party planner! Or write a book about it!

Laura said...

My favorite picture was the very first one with the little girl looking up at the awesome chandelier! Is she in awe or what? Wonderful party pictures! Looks like you had several great photographers!

Debbie said...

Oh Melissa...I am laughing out loud...that is so funny....and why is it that our husbands get so worried when our little boys say or do things like that? My husband freaked one day when Kyle was playing Barbies with my daughter and I...He was 3!!! Who cares!

LaShawn said...

i have been planning my daughter's tea party since i found out i was having a girl.. lat year i ran across fancy nancy and thought she is the perfect theme! my lil lady will be turning 5 this year and i am so grateful for all your ideals. i am so excited to have her party!

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