Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fairy Princess 1st Birthday Party

I don't have digital pictures from Mary Ashley's first birthday, but her birthday invitation and the favor boxes I made serve as mementos of her fairy princess coronation.

And what a princess Mary Ashley was at her party! She held court in our sitting room, opening gifts from each family member one by one. She sat like a little lady, smiling graciously and saying "day-doo" for each present. And when she ate her cake -- a strawberry cake covered in pink buttercream icing roses -- she nibbled so daintily that she didn't even get her party dress dirty! It was a magical night celebrating a precious little girl.

For directions on making fabric-covered boxes, see this post. For this party, I glued a picture of the birthday girl in the underside of the lid. Sweet little petit fours tucked inside the boxes made nice take-home treats.

Mary Ashley's birthday invitation -- embellished with tiny paper roses, ribbons and pearls -- is one of my all-time favorites. The poem I wrote for the occasion is reprinted here.

In the hush of winter beneath glistening snow

Enchantment and merriment mingle below.

Deep within the garden under canopy of flowers

The fairy kingdom gathers to while away the hours.

With glittering costumes and delicate wings,

Gentle fairies frolic, make music and sing.

Cake made of roses? -- Don't mind if I do.

A butterfly kiss? -- Why, I think I'll have two!

Hearts are alight, and fairies take flight

For our sweet Mary Ashley is 1 tonight!

Wishes come true by the King's proclamation

As dancing fairies gather to make exclamation:

"There's nothing so magical, lovely and grand

As a royal celebration in Fairy Land!"

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