Friday, August 7, 2009

May I Have This Dance?

Mary Ashley skipped into my bedroom at the beach to announce, "I'm going to give Emma lessons to teach her to be me."

I wasn't quite sure how that would work, but Emma seemed eager to learn from her big sister.

Evidently there is a lot of twirling and curtsying involved in learning to be Mary Ashley. Emma did her best to become her big sister.

But ultimately she decided that she is really best at just being Emma.

And that is just fine with me!


Graciously Southern said...

Amazing pictures!

Kristi said...

All your pictures are just so good. Don't you just love your camera?

Rach said...

How sweet!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Sweet Sisters!

I loved that our 2 daughters were always doing everything together when they were growing up...(oh, the funny stories that we hear now about how our older daughter would "string" her sister along...with fabulous "facts", and how our younger daughter would believe it all... like the fabulous food stores where the whole place was edible with every sweet treat imaginable... (our youngest, their brother hung onto every word, as well :o)

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