Monday, March 22, 2010

Painting Pottery Eggs

One of the highlights of last week's spring break was our annual tradition of painting pottery eggs. As we were preparing to leave for the pottery studio, one of Carson's friends called to invite him to play. Now that Carson is a "tenager," time with friends is very important to him, but he turned down his friend without even asking me. It made me smile to know he still enjoys this special family time enough to skip a play date!

I love to watch the children paint. From year to year I am eager to see the color palettes they favor and the techniques they choose. They become so engrossed in their work that you can practically hear each brush stroke -- music to my ears!

I have amassed a lovely collection of pottery eggs since we started this tradition several years ago, and I can't wait to add this year's masterpieces to the display!

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