Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Holiday, Holidays

While we're dying eggs and filling Easter baskets, Matthew Mead is already busy in Santa's workshop collecting creative ideas to fill our stockings with holiday cheer.

Head over to Holiday with Matthew Mead to find out how you can win the opportunity to have your blog or online shop mentioned in the magazine. Holiday with Matthew Mead is a "book-azine" celebrating and offering inspiration for the Christmas holiday season. To be released in October 2010, Holiday is offered via online orders only -- in limited quantities -- and will not be sold on newsstands. But, by simply following the BUY HOLIDAY MAGAZINE link below their banner, you can reserve your own copy of this beautiful magazine, with guaranteed delivery of the magazine straight to your mailbox! Holiday with Matthew Mead is144 pages of holiday inspiration with well-known and admired designers, bloggers and top-notch features, printed on beautiful paper and not drowning in ads!

Now, head on over for your chance to win!


Love Being A Nonny said...

I wonder if Christmas with Nie Nie is the Nie Nie we read about on her blog??? Thanks for sharing this!

Melissa Lester said...

Yes, it is the same Nie Nie. The magazine plans to feature her home and family, along with some of their special holiday traditions.

Sue said...

I love Matthew Mead...Thanks for the link and "heads up" !

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