Monday, May 10, 2010

Thank You, Friends

Pretty flowers from my sweet friend Vonda brought cheer last week.

Thank you, friends, for your sweet comments and prayers last week. I am pleased to report that I am on the mend. At this point my doctors think this latest flare-up was an acute episode of my usual issues, but an upcoming MRI should tell us anything more we need to know. This week I am trying to make wise choices as I seek balance between resting, stretching and resuming normal routines.

To update you on the rest of my family, my grandmother is responding well to her new pacemaker and my aunt is beginning her new treatment regimen. We are awaiting news from my mother's myeloma specialist this week and hope he will have some encouraging words. My sister, Jennifer, and her family were without power for a few days last week, but thankfully their house did not sustain damage from flooding in Nashville. She has many inspiring stories to share about the spirit of service that has permeated the areas of devastation.

I had planned to host my sister and extended family over the weekend for a Mother's Day tea party, but we postponed our visit due to all the difficulties of the past week. I was disappointed to miss out on our time together, but I am hopeful that we will gather soon to celebrate God's lovingkindness toward us.
I did get to have a little fun last week in delivering surprises to our teachers, so stop in tomorrow for a pitcher-perfect gift idea.


Love~Bre said...

Thank you for the update, hope everything goes better in the upcoming days. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!

Rach said...

Glad things are looking up. :)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. It sounds like things are getting a little better. I'll still keep you in my prayers.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Melissa, I'm so thankful you are better. I hope that you'll soon be completely back to your routine and pain free.


Sheila :-)

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I have been worried about you and since you weren't posting I knew you had to be in pain. I am glad that you are healing and I hope you continue to do so. Remember to stick to your decision to make wise choices about your activities this week. I will be praying for you.

Loved the flowers your sweet friend brought for you. She must be a real blessing to you.


Kate Landers Events, LLC © 2009 said...


My prayers are with you! You have such a lovely way of sharing your story, painting a picture and your spirit is overflowing with grace. I am so thrilled that you share with the world your life and your challenges and talents.

I wanted to send you a personal e-mail, if you could please e-mail me at, I would be ever so grateful, as I would absolutely to to chat with you. I look forward to hearing more about your speaking engagements, now following you I figure I will be in the loop! I am in Boston--maybe one day you could come up this way!

Thank you kindly and I very much look forward to speaking with you!

Kindest Regards,
Kate Landers

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