Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Club: Special Delivery

Last week my book club met to discuss The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. I will share more details about our decor and recipes this week, but today wanted to share this sweet arrangement put together by one of the table hostesses, Nancy Itson. Isn't this a precious idea for a place card holder?

To get this look, cut floral foam to fit snugly into a teacup and soak the foam according to package directions. Cut assorted floral stems short and insert them into the saturated foam. Fill in with greenery as needed to camouflage the floral foam.

Hot glue a mini-clothespin to the back of a spoon, and insert the spoon into the foam. Slip a place card into the clothespin to complete the look. As a nod to our book selection, The Wednesday Letters, Nancy used postage-themed stamps to mimic the look of letters on tiny scrapbook paper envelopes.

I was so smitten with these clever teacup arrangements, Nancy let me take home a couple. She credits Teatime Magazine with the idea. I somehow missed the idea in the magazine, but I will certainly plan to use it on the tea table soon!

Our Sunday morning began with water streaming down two stories from the attic -- soaking walls, carpet and hard wood --- and ended with Mary Ashley throwing up in her bed --  soiling her hair, clothes and bed linens. I could use a vacation right about now.

If like me you are longing to escape to a bed and breakfast, join me this week for country-inn inspired decor, recipes and more.


Sue said...

Such a pretty centerpiece. I haven't read that book so I will look forward to your review. Our book club is looking for 2 more books to finish out the year.
I am sorry for Mary Ashley and you! That is no fun for either one of you.
Hope your week gets better.

Rach said...

Looks like a wonderful event! Very pretty. I just came across Tea Time magazine for the first time this weekend! Love it!

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Oh my goodness... my little girl had the stomach flu a few weeks ago, it is no fun! Best well wishes to Mary Ashley!

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