Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a Date ...

Just when I was beginning to wonder how I could plan a Valentine's Day celebration for my children in the midst of a busy weekend, Mary Ashley and Emma received the darling invitation above to attend a traditional Valentine party.

During the all-girl party, the boys will enjoy some guy time with friends. When 4-year-old Emma heard that the boys will be going to the Lyles' house, she asked me if she could go back to their house sometime. Occasionally we have traded nights of babysitting with the Lyles to give each couple an opportunity for a date night, so Emma asked hopefully, "Could you and Daddy go on a date or something?"

"Well, Emma," I said with a sigh, "Daddy's work schedule is really busy right now, so I don't think he would have time for a date right now."

Seeing the opportunity to play at the Lyles' house slip away, Emma thought and thought and thought some more. No date night for Mommy and Daddy would mean no time in the Lyles' playroom; no opportunity to get in the jump house; no time to eat a snack with Mrs. Lyle. Finally, Emma's eyes brightened as she came to a solution:

"Could you get a boyfriend?"

I guess Emma and I have a few things to talk about on the way to the party this weekend ... . I'll be back next week with more Valentine fun.

It's a date!


Free Pretty Things For You said...

LOL!!!! ohhh that is tooooo funny!!

Nancy said...

Children never cease to amaze us and I can't wait to read more about this party to be!

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I have a question about one of your other invitations. The ballet invitation for the ballerina party. Can you explain in more detail how to make the tulle bow and attach it to the invitation with the ribbon?

Kim K.

Laura said...

That was sooo stinking funny!!

Lana said...

Oh, that is TOO PRECIOUS!!!!!

Many blessings to you,

Smelling Coffee said...

That's funny!

Your blog is so beautiful and peaceful... it's lovely. :-)


Dawn Colette said...

Love, love, love Emma's comment. Makes me think of my youngest child... always thinking and saying something that makes me laugh!

muebles madrid said...

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