Monday, February 7, 2011

Cupcake Party: Silk Floral Cupcake Tutorial

Since we baked cupcakes for Mary Ashley's 7th birthday party, I put together this silk floral cupcake instead of decorating a traditional birthday cake. Our floral cupcake made a pretty centerpiece on our dining room table during the party, and Mary Ashley can display it in her room to remember our special celebration.

Fresh flowers would make a beautiful cupcake, but I opted for silk so I could make the arrangement weeks before the party.

Materials: I purchased all my supplies from Hobby Lobby. To make a silk floral cupcake, you will need 3 plastic foam discs, a glue gun, a serrated knife, three 12x12 scrapbook pages, a paper cutter with scoring blade, silk flowers, wire cutters, tulle and other embellishments as desired.

Directions: Stack the plastic foam discs, and adhere them with hot glue. Use the serrated knife to shave away some of the plastic foam to shape the stack of discs into a cupcake shape. Use the paper cutter to trim your scrapbook paper pages to the height of the tower of discs. Then exchange the trimming blade for a scoring blade, and move across each page, scoring each sheet in 1/2-inch increments. Fold the paper accordion-style along the score lines. Then glue the first page to the side of the plastic foam tower. To start the next page, glue the edge of the paper over the last pleat of the first page you glued to the disc. Then wrap the second page around, securing it with hot glue. Finish the cupcake wrapper with the third piece, folding the edges on each side over a pleat. Clip floral stems short with wire cutters, and insert them into the top of the foam, careful to cover the top edge of the paper liner all around. Work inward from the perimeter, keeping stems a little longer toward the center to create a domed effect. Finish the arrangement with puffs of tulle, ribbons, candles or other embellishments.

Stop in tomorrow for a wrap-up of our cupcake party and the winner of the cupcake surprise giveaway!
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