Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cupcake Party: Bakery-Inspired Gifts

Baking cupcakes was child's play at 7-year-old Mary Ashley's recent birthday party. Several baking-themed toys were perfect for our party and promise hours of fun in the days to come. We gave Mary Ashley the wooden cupcake stand (left) and wooden mixer (right) for her birthday, and they added a cute touch to our party decor. Borrowed items (center) also helped us create a fun play area for the children. Photographer Allison Hilyer let us borrow her daughter's pink retro kitchen for the day, and I shopped our house for a pink and green polka dotted table and little pink rug to complete the scene.

Mary Ashley opened presents while the first round of cupcakes baked, and one of the gifts was so perfect for our theme that my friend Stacey called me -- giddy with excitement -- when she found it.

I could not get over how perfect this Our Generation Jenny Baker Doll is for my little cupcake maker Mary Ashley! This beautiful doll comes with an apron, chef hat, chapter book and a number of baking accessories. Emma and Lizzie also included in their gift the Baking and Cake Decorating Accessory Set. All the guests enjoyed playing with the tiny mixing bowls, cupcakes and decorating tools. Doll Jenny sat beside Mary Ashley while she decorated cupcakes, and she has been a constant companion ever since!
My girls were not really aware of American Girl dolls this Christmas, but have since been asking for them since several friends received them for Christmas and have talked about visiting the American Girl Store in Atlanta this year for birthday parties. Our Generation dolls are an economical alternative to American Girl dolls, and Jenny even looks a lot like Mary Ashley. With all those miniature baking accessories, I told Mary Ashley I want to sneak into her room while she is at school to play with Jenny!

Mary Ashley received lovely gifts from all her friends, but I wanted to share these with you today in case you need inspiration for the little bakers in your life.

Please join us at the kitchen table tomorrow as the girls decorate their cupcakes. You will want to pull up a chair for this picture-filled post!

Collage by Melissa Lester; All other photos used with permission of Allison Hilyer Photography


Anonymous said...

Oh, how lovely and some great gift ideas for my daughter, too! Your pictures look so wonderful and you really can see how special this day was for all of you! Do you make schemes to plan the party?
I´ve been reading my new book " a spirit of loviness" and I can see you have been following every word, your interrior looks so inviting. I know it´s a bit private, but could you show us some decorating ideas in your house sometime? I love the colour scheme..
Kind regards, Mariel

Sharon said...

What a fun looking party! Any little girl would just have a blast, well done!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

OH, Melissa... I loved seeing those cute toys. It looks like you had the best time, and this was a clever, clever idea for a party theme!


Sheila :-)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

OH, Melissa... I loved seeing those cute toys. It looks like you had the best time, and this was a clever, clever idea for a party theme!


Sheila :-)

Kristen said...

Those toys are adorable. And I would want to play with them myself, too!!

Carol said...

What a wonderful party! Beautifully done.
I am craving cupcakes now.

Tina Foster said...

I did not know about Our Generation dolls until today. Thanks, Melissa!
(L.O.V.E. the mixer)

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