Friday, September 12, 2008

13 Going on 30s

When 13-year-old Kylee joined our dinner group for her surprise birthday party this week, I wanted to let her know that we grown-up ladies can relate to her experiences as a teenage girl. And I knew our group would have a lot of laughs revisiting some of our favorite teenage memories.

Do you remember this "fortune teller" game we used to play as middle-school girls? Well, in our version it became more of a history teller. I put Kylee in charge of the teller to keep her involved in the game. The other guests chose numbers, and Kylee moved the teller moved back and forth accordingly. Then guests chose another number to determine their question.

Here are our questions. I would love to hear your answers! I'll give you mine in the comments section.

  • Who was your celebrity crush?
  • What was your favorite slumber party movie?
  • Share a favorite teenage memory.
  • If you could talk to yourself at 13, what would you say?

My 9-year-old son, Carson, was eager to take a break from working in the yard to remind me how to make "fortune tellers." A 12" x 12" piece of scrapbook paper made our teller a cute addition to the birthday decor.

1. Lay your paper face down.

2. Fold each corner to the center.

3. Fold each corner to the center again.

4. Turn the paper over.

5. Fold each corner to the center again.

6. Fold the paper in half to make a crease.

7. Open the square, and fold the paper in half again to make a perpendicular crease.

8. Open the teller, and ease your fingers into the four openings.

9. Write numbers on the outside corners and questions on the inside flaps.

My younger children were so interested in watching Carson make this teller that I'm thinking we'll make one to keep at the family dinner table for a fun, low-key way to share tidbits about our day.


Kristi said...

We are having a local girl's blog party... check out my blog! You were mentioned, especially... your blog is just so nice!

Melissa Lester said...

Ooh, Kristi, sounds like fun!

To answer my questions:

1. Teenage celebrity crush: Kirk Cameron of "Growing Pains"

2. Favorite slumber party movie: "Fire with Fire"

3. Favorite teenage memories: playing Guenevere in "Camelot" and spending a week in Chattanooga to represent my county in the Tennessee Junior Miss pageant.

4. Advice I would give: Don't be so bashful. (Of course, I could give myself the same advice today!)

Judy said...

Thank you Melissa for you sweet comments about my I hope you don't think it always looks like that! I do try and keep the table somewhat cleared off and a little vingette on it and hubby is really getting good at putting things back on there (just not in the "right" place but whose counting?)! You are so right to cherish the days with your babies...that's why we look forward to our grandbabies coming, even though they do destroy the house. Can't wait to see how this glass top holds up to Jackson's sticky PJ&J fingers!

Taylor missed dance this past Tuesday cause they are at the beach but I'm sure Ms. GiGi will get her caught up!


Lara said...

melissa, it was a great party!! btw fire with fire is my all time favorite movie!

Katy Lin :) said...

how fun! i love all your party acoutrements :) very feminine and fun!

1. we all had the crazy huge crushes on Jonathon Taylor Thomas
2. anything with the Olson Twins
3. being in plays and sleepovers
4. don't worry so much about boys!!!!

christie said...

My son loves to make these! He comes home from school with them all the time...makes me wonder what they're teaching him at school. Haha.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Melissa, while you were visiting me, I was over here ooohing and aaahing over your latest creations.
I still need to know if you sleep:}

dddiva said...

How fun- and thanks for the recipe- I got all the stuff when we did the shopping trip this week so will be making it soon. :)
Celebrity crush (my age will show here) John Travolta (now it is Johnny Depp same as my kids. LOL
Favorite slumber party movie- this was back in the day before vcr's heck it was before HBO, so I'll say we saw Grease at the Drive-in like 17 times.
My favorite memory- freedom... my friends and I had none of the worries they do today and were free to roam as long as we were back on our own street when the streetlights came on.
I would tell myself and anyone else who might read this- enjoy yourself and don't worry about what others think- you will always always have to live with yourself, so that's who you should try to please the most.
Also, yay for the manners that were ingrained- glad you made sure your kids have them as well because it is not the norm, unfortuantely.

Kat said...

How fun! I remember making those when I was in elementary school. And I love the directions - I'll have to send my daughter over because she asked me not too long ago how to make one.

teenage crush? Cary Elwes - I wanted a Wesley!

slumber party movie? Oh my. When I was TEN, I had a slumber party - and we watched the movie "Alien." Can you believe it? I cannot imagine my 10 year old watching that. And I would be FURIOUS if she went to a slumber party and it was on. What were we thinking? What were my parents thinking? :-)

Fav teen memory? Losing my fear of speaking in public in a trial by fire method - I somehow got roped into being on the debate team. And I got such a rush.

What would I tell my 13 year old self? Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Not that I would have listened.

Thanks so much for visiting me on my Georgia day for BATW!

Joanne Kennedy said...

How fun! I do remember making them all the time.

Your party was so pretty too. You do the best things!

Nancy Hood said...

boy, did we wear out some tellers! I'm so much older than most of your readers that I won't bore you with my answers ~ don't think anyone would know the movies! lol

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

I am SO going to make one of these for my daughter and her little best friend.

Kirk Cameron - HELLO!

Hmmmm. Slumber party movie...Let's see. 16 Candles.

Favorite teen memory? I LOVED being a teenager, so I have too many!!!

And advice. I'm so bad with advice. Maintain the girl friendships better over the years of high school. The boyfriends are fun, but they don't stick around. I'm still VERY good friends with my best friends in H.S., but that wasn't without the years of drifting apart first because we were so focused on the boys that we lost each other until becoming adults. I guess that would be the thing that I regret the most.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

Oh - I came back to add that I've bought everything to make the pineapple dish and I'm trying my hand at a Southern strawberry cake (even though they're out of season!) with buttercream frosting - and I'll do very well just to fluff the frosting onto the top --- NEVER expect mine to look as all-out GORGEOUS as yours. Truly a Southern Beauty. Thanks for including the recipes!

Tracy P. said...

Laughing TOO hard here! Glad dddiva came by to help me answer question #2. OK

1. David Cassidy aka Keith Partridge on the Partridge Family
2. I was wracking my brain trying to figure that one out...DUH! I didn't see a VHS movie until after I graduated from college. Ahem. But I went to "Rocky" for a birthday party once--had to go the the theater.
3. All I did was swim (competitive) and work at the pool. But the kids I worked with were so much fun, and we were just silly together. One year on Halloween we all went and hung out at the airport in our costumes.
4. It WILL get better. MUCH better. Hang in there!

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