Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Giggles

Just for Kicks. We had a busy afternoon shuttling the children to after-school activities yesterday. When Joe took 6-year-old Christian to soccer practice, he popped out of the back seat with a new strategy for easing the time crunch. "Dad, Dad," he began, "Do you think next time you take me to soccer practice I could sit in the front seat so I'll get to practice earlier?"

A Blonde Moment. I got my hair cut and colored yesterday, and I was proud to show 2-year-old Emma my shorter style. I felt pretty sassy with my new chin-length haircut and said, "Look, Emma, Mommy's hair looks like yours now!" Emma looked me over carefully, then wrinkled her nose. "No, Mommy," she said, shaking her head. "My hair yellow. Your hair ... green."

A Classic Carson Memory. When Carson was 3, he came into the bathroom as I was getting ready for church. "Oh, Mommy," he said sweetly, "You look so pretty in your flower shirt!" I basked in the glow of this sweet compliment. I should have let the subject drop, but I was hungry for more. "So, Carson," I asked, "Of all the girls that you know, who is the prettiest girl in the world?" And without a moment's hesitation, my beloved firstborn replied, "Aunt Jennifer!"
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