Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wild About Pottery

When my best girlfriend, Vonda, and I get together, I know we will leave eager to tackle some new creative projects. This past weekend was no exception. When I spied this mug and plate in her cupboard, I knew they were just too cute not to share.

Inspired by a similar set she found in a pricey boutique, Vonda set out to recreate the look at a local pottery studio. She said the design was easy to accomplish. She simply drew the zebra stripes on with a pencil, then filled them in with black paint. A special paint pen was easier to use than a brush for the stripes. Lime green painted around the rims and accented with white polka dots makes the design pop.

On future trips to paint pottery, Vonda plans to go wild again. And as she adds to her collection of zebra plates, I predict that her guests will go wild for this whimsical style too.

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