Friday, September 5, 2008

Christian Woman & Me

My world stops when Christian Woman magazine arrives, and I read most issues cover to cover before the day is through. I pore over each article, amazed at the stories of faithfulness and inspiration that fill each page.

I first discovered Christian Woman when I was in high school and my grandmother shared a stack of back issues with my mother. I enjoyed reading about the joys, struggles and lessons learned by others. So when I left for college and my parents offered to give me a subscription to the magazine of my choice, the decision was easy. I chose Glamour.

But within a couple of issues, I realized this magazine did not reflect my values. So I asked my parents to cancel that subscription and order Christian Woman instead. From that point on, each issue of CW was like a gift in my mailbox.

As I neared graduation, I began to realize that of all the jobs I could pursue, what I really wanted most was to work for Christian Woman. I was thrilled when this dream became a reality. I joined the editorial department of Gospel Advocate Publishers after graduation, and I have continued my relationship with CW for more than a decade.

So it meant a lot to me when the editor invited me to write the keynote article for the Sept./Oct. issue. And she wanted to feature me on the cover. The cover? I couldn't believe it! So earlier this summer I planned a trip to the editorial office. I felt like queen for a day at our photo shoot, and I loved visiting with friends at the GA afterward.

I hoped I would miraculously look young, rested and 20 pounds lighter in the photo. In the days leading up to the magazine's release, I actually dreamed that instead of using a photo from our shoot, the graphic designer decided to use my horrible seventh-grade school picture. Poodle haircut, braces, bad complexion, ratty headband and all!

So when this latest gift arrived in my mailbox, my world stopped. But this time I lingered at the cover before delving into the magazine. I do a double-take each time I see the Sept./Oct. issue on my bedside table, and I can't help but giggle to see myself smiling back at me. I am so thankful for Christian Woman magazine and the role it has played in my Christian walk. Amazed by the stories of faithfulness and inspiration it has brought to my life, I look forward to poring over its pages for many years to come.

This is the Sept./Oct. 2008 issue of Christian Woman magazine. Subscriptions are available through Gospel Advocate Publishers online or by calling (800) 251-8446.

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