Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gift Box

Small hat-box style gift boxes marked each place at Kylee's surprise birthday party. For this project, I purchased round wooden boxes from the craft store and painted the inside of each box and lid with two coats of pink craft paint, allowing the paint to dry after each coat.

Then I covered the outside of the box with fabric. I cut three pieces of fabric for each box: a slightly larger circle for the top of the lid, a thinner band for the rim of the lid, and a wider strip for the box.

First, I pressed the fabric then turned it pattern-side down. I traced the top of the lid with a fabric-marking pen and cut out the circle slightly larger than my pattern. I coated the back of the fabric with spray adhesive and allowed the glue to get tacky. Then I centered the lid on the fabric and smoothed out any wrinkles. My circle of fabric was larger than the top of the lid, so I used scissors to clip little slits around the perimeter. Then I smoothed the excess fabric down onto the rim of the lid.

Next, I cut pieces to make bands to cover the rim of the lid. These strips were wider than the rim and slightly longer than the circumference of the box. I pressed these strips flat, turning under the raw edges, then hot glued them around the rim. I tried to keep a sharp edge to give the top of the box a clean, finished look.

I left the lid to dry while I cut pieces to wrap around the sides of the box. These strips were wide enough to cover the sides, with excess fabric to overlap the top and tuck under the bottom. I sprayed these strips with spray adhesive and allowed the glue to get tacky. Then I wrapped the box and smoothed the fabric around the sides. I tucked excess fabric to the inside of the box and smoothed out wrinkles. Then I cut slits in the fabric extending below the box to make it easier to tuck under the bottom. After smoothing the fabric to the underside of the box, I set the box aside to dry.

For the final step, I hot glued rickrack to the inside of the box to cover the raw edge of fabric. Then the completed box was ready to be filled, wrapped with ribbon, and placed on the table.

Delicate soap-petal roses filled each gift box. I found these at Dollar Tree packaged in clear boxes. Wouldn't they make a lovely party favor as is?

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