Thursday, September 11, 2008

Memo Bored?

Then update your space with a new memo board. I hope black and white hounds tooth fabric, hot pink accents and a sharp black frame will compliment 13-year-old Kylee's new teenage bedroom decor. I made this gift for Kylee's surprise birthday party and hung it over our buffet during the party. With a bright pink monogram, a copy of the party invitation and a photo of the guest of honor, I hope it let Kylee know that Monday night was all about celebrating the exciting days to come in her teenage years.

To make a memo board, use spray adhesive to coat a piece of wood, cardboard or another sturdy material cut to fit the size of your chosen frame. (I used the acrylic insert that came with the frame.) Allow the glue to get tacky, then cover the insert with batting. If you wish to personalize the memo board, monogram the fabric and play with positioning the fabric before putting it in the frame. Wrap the insert with fabric, pull it taut and secure it with hot glue. Then create a lattice design across the board, weaving ribbons across the board and securing them to the back of the board with tape or another adhesive. Play with this to determine the appropriate spacing before securing the ribbons on the back. Finally, place the insert in the frame and replace the back of the frame to complete the memo board.


Leah said...

Very teen chic! I'm sure she loved it!

Judy said...

Girl, you are BEYOND talented!

Love the memo board, you need to go into business.


The Long and the Short of it said...

I am positive this is the cutest party I have EVER seen. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

Steph said...

your blog is well...LOVELY! thanks for stopping by mine today!

Nancy Hood said...

love seeing and reading of your parties!!!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Melissa, I have two questions for you.
1. When do you sleep?
2. When do you clean house?
Just wondering. Maybe if I knew, I could be as productive as you:}

An Accomplished Woman said...


You have given me tons of great ideas. I love your blog and your projects, parties and your sweet family.


Kellie said...

This is awesome! Your posts are always so encouraging and inspiring! I am definitely going to be making one of these!

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